The future professionals are today's connected youth. Their educational institution needs to use their language.

A mobility strategy amplifies the relationship between the student and the institution through a safe and easily-implemented solution.

Use the capacity already in your hands within your educational institution.

The technology has been present in schools and universities for a long time, but today it is also in the hands of faculty and student body, whether it be laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This phenomenon, known as BYOD (bring your own device), makes possible a mobility strategy for the educational environment, in which relevant information to the community is shared in a safe and integrated environment.

And the great advantage is that the educational institution can use already existing devices and information.

Unify all information types within a single automated environment.

Grades, classes, schedule and events are important information in schools and universities. However, other information is also relevant and it can make the community more productive and integrated.

Wi-Fi infrastructure, security cameras, classroom devices such as projectors and printers, or even secured access to the institution are examples of functions that can integrate your mobility strategy.

All presented within a homogeneous and safe digital platform.

The Half Dome Mobility Platform

The Half Dome Mobility Platform can receive any type of information and integrate itself with devices and existing systems
The Platform consolidates the most diverse information in a safe and automated environment to its entire community.
The Half Dome Mobility Platform is elastic and suitable for any type of infrastructure, whether in a private or cloud environment.

A platform that uses the systems you already have.

The great challenge is to safely integrate data from different systems.

The Half Dome Mobility Platform does that without requiring changes in the already installed systems within your educational institution, by using 'connectors' that are prepared for any information system.

These connectors enable the incorporation of completely heterogeneous environments within a single platform in which you automated processes such as automatic attendance, opening doors and ratchets, student location and use of the institution's devices and appliances.

The Mobile App

It is in the Mobile Application that the integration between users (students, parents and faculty) and the institution happens.

This application is based on the pillars of Simplicity, Performance and Security, besides bringing the principles and history of the educational institution through the application of its visual identity on the entire interface.

Besides colors, logos and texts, your educational institution also chooses which modules to use and when to implement them.

The App is available in two versions: K-12 and Higher Education.

Endless possibilities!

All functions within a single environment.

Indoor routes to classrooms, students location and access control available for parents.
The HalfDome platform operates in a fully automated and elastic way to grow with your demand.
Classes, grades, events, wi-fi access or security cameras. Our platform is ready.
The HalfDome platform runs on a completelty isolated and secure environment.
IoT (Internet of Things)
Integrate security cameras, projectors, printers and any other device.
Classes and Events
Keep your student body informed on all relevant news.
Grades and Tasks
The community can keep track and be notified of grades and tasks.
Create groups between students and teachers and keep an official communication channel with parents and guardians.
Keep a steady flow of information about your institution for the community.

Get to know the Half Dome platform better.

Click below and download our Datasheet, in which you can discover more details about the Half Dome Mobility Platform.

How can the Mobility Strategy and BYOD help the educational environment?

We have also prepared a more elaborate document that presents the concepts of Mobility Strategy and BYOD in the educational environment.

See some practical examples and benefits by using these concepts.

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